Martingale System

Martingale System

Martingale system is a system where all the gamblers record sooner or later, regardless of whether they have any knowledge of the systems. Specifically, it is a famous duplanju after defeat, and thus restore what you have lost.

The system itself is very easy to use and what’s best you do not need to know anything about the sport to use it. That is precisely the reason for its great popularity.

In order to successfully use this system it is necessary to choose bets with minimum odds 2.0. It is very popular to use it for a draw in football, where the coefficients generally range from 3.3 to 3.5. Simply select a team and each round of betting at the draw of that team, until hit. This is to be a lot of money, because with each paying income triples.

However it must be emphasized that this is a very risky system. As the payment is doubled after each loss requires a very large bank. And if it happens a losing streak, and came to a point when there is no more money for the new payment and all invested before it is lost.

To better clarify this risk, take a look at how payments grow after 10 duplanja If one starts with only 10kn.

First 10

Second 20

3rd 40

4th 80

5th 160

6th 320

7th 640

8th 1280

9th 2560

10th 5120

As can be seen after 10 duplanja from 10kn to reach even 5000kn. If you think it can not happen 10 games without a tie, then you are wrong. Some teams have even played 20 games without a draw.

Most customers have used this system to modify it a bit to reduce its risk.

Usually they wait to pass xy matches without a draw and only then moving to this system. Or is not used duplanje but payments are determined by the previous payment multiplied by 1.5, 1.7 or some other factor correction, etc.

All in all can see that this is a very risky system and you need to think carefully before proceeding with its application. This is definitely not the system for a quick buck so many thoughts and thoughtless will very quickly lead to bankruptcy.