Under-over strategy

This is a strategy for under / over 2.5 goals in football, where you predict whether it will be more or less than two and half naked in the match.

The system is based on statistics and its application takes a little computation, but has so far proved very successful.

Suppose the match between the teams A and B teams, with Team A host. You should first check how much, on average, a team gives and receives goals at home. Usually takes into account the last 5 meetings. Suppose Team A gives 2.1 score, while receiving 1.2 goals for a total of 3.3 goals in home games this team.

Then check out how to team B and receives a score on tour. Let’s say that team B on average 1.75 gives and receives a 1:15 goals, making a total of 2.9 goals.

Then the sum of the two smaller numbers: 1.2 + 1:15 = 2:35 and a minimum score at the games these two teams. In the same way, the sum of the two major values: 2.1 + 1.75 = 3.85 which is the most goals in the matches of these teams.

The mean minimum and maximum is 3.1 which is much more than 2.5 goals, so here they should bet on the OVER.

If the average of 2.70 goals and more to bet on the OVER, and if it is 2.30 and less need to bet on the UNDER. If the average score between 2.30 and 2.70 then it is equally possible to both outcome and is recommended in this case, I bet.