Betting guides


Betting guides


Most bookmakers provide the punter with the odds format he desires, but learning how to convert all type of odds can`t be a bad idea, and some bettors really might need it one day. This guide explains simply and effectively the most used odds formats.


Money Management

Money management, as the name suggests, helps you manage your finances in sportsbetting. A winning betting strategy implies managing your wagers. Moneymanagement is the basis for every professional punter.


Asian Handicap

Asian handicap basically eliminates the draw from the possible outcomes. It is a betting type that provides the punter with an advantage, thus its popularity. Asian Handicap is widely used these days, every bettor knows it. Those who don`t allready know the particularities of the Asian Handicap need an easy to understand but comprehensive guide, and we aim to provide that.


Value betting

All the sports betting principles revolve around finding value. The principles to value betting and gaining advantage over the bookmaker can be a great asset for the punter if he understands them and uses them effectively.


Match analysis

What are the factors you need to take into consideration before placing a bet? Match analysis is one of the key aspects of sports betting and it maximizes your chances to win.


Singles vs. combos

Single betting is the only way to winning long-term at sportsbetting, while accumulators and combo-bets usually determine losses.


Online vs. offline

A comparition between online betting and the traditional local shops. Online betting is by far the most profitable choice, offering obvious advantages.