In a casino, dealers deal the cards and ensure that all players follow the rules. Dealers are frequently included in the group of participants at the table in home games. If you’ve ever played a casino table game, particularly Blackjack, you’ve probably seen the dealers’ rotation. After about 20 minutes, the Blackjack dealers will either go to another table or take a break. Perhaps he can even request a refill on his water bottle. Dealers at casinos have a lot on their plates. No dealer is expected to stay at a table for an entire hour. Have you ever wondered why? The following are the reasons why casinos rotate their dealers:

Giving Dealers a Discount

One of the key reasons for the rotations is to allow dealers to renew their minds. A rejuvenated mind is more alert and analyses the chances more carefully. Players should be prepared in the same way that a casino prepares its dealers to achieve a successful outcome. You should think twice about playing if you are fatigued or preoccupied. It’s also not a good idea to drink too much when playing a game. These circumstances cloud your judgement and set you up for failure. Before going to the casino, take advantage of the ideal time and conditions. Before you put your money on the line, be sure you’re rested and not inebriated.

Avoiding Player Collusion

Another reason for rotations is to keep players and Blackjack dealers from becoming too familiar with one another. Any casino does not want you to connive to earn your winnings.

Break a Winning Streak

Rotating dealers can keep exhausted dealers from crashing their banks, which is comparable to preventing player-dealer collusion. After all, if the players are profitable, the casino is losing money. Blackjack dealer rotation is very strict because their loss directly affects the casino’s income.

Break a Losing Streak

Casino dealer rotations also create the perception of a “refreshed” possibility of winning a game to players. However, most players were unaware that these rotations gave the casinos an advantage over them.


Dealers are expected to display their hands before leaving the game table. They conduct this as regular procedure to ensure that nothing is in their possession when they leave.

Casino security cameras provide an accurate representation of the casino’s exterior and interior. They require these cameras to keep their guests and employees secure while also keeping them satisfied. The dealer’s hand clapping also serves as a cue for these cameras that the dealer is leaving out “clean.”


How might dealer rotations in casinos help to prevent cheating?

Casino dealer rotations avoid cheating by isolating dealers and players from one another. It maintains game integrity since no player-dealer cooperation can rig the game if the dealers rotate on a regular basis. This also makes it easier to identify potential cheaters among the personnel and customers.

Is there an advantage for casinos in providing their dealers a break?

Yes. Overall, casinos benefit from allowing their dealers to take breaks. Breaks, you see, offer dealers a chance to catch their breath. A little break keeps the dealer’s head sharp. Then, a sharp dealer’s thinking has an advantage over tired players who have sat on the game for hours. Ultimately, a winning dealer means more money in the casino’s purse. These traders put in long hours. That is why some people tip them. Here’s more information on tipping casino dealers.

How long do dealers typically keep a table?

Every casino dealer rotation normally takes between 20 and 40 minutes. A game is normally managed by a group of four dealers, depending on the casino design. Each rotates in accordance with regular time protocols.

When a gambler counts cards, do casinos switch to skilled dealers?

It is a misunderstanding. Instead of moving dealers, security issues a warning to card counters who are discovered counting cards. Manual card counting is lawful and can provide a huge advantage over the odds. However, it is frowned upon by casino employees. If you intend to use this as part of your approach, you should keep your expectations low.

Why is it necessary for dealers to clap their hands before the rotation?

Dealers clap their hands and usually make a motion toward security cameras to demonstrate that their hands are clean of any cheating or card theft actions. It is commonly used in casinos to maintain game integrity and maybe absolve dealers of potential allegations.

Is it likely that new dealers will reduce the house edge?

Another myth, because all dealers are highly educated to host a casino table. Dealer rotations are technically more favourable to the house. Otherwise, casinos will not implement

Rotations if they’re losing money, right?

Changing dealers has no effect on a player’s luck. After all, casinos only allow dealers on the table if they are well-trained and skilled enough to make the house money. In this essay, we’ll refute the myth of why casinos rotate dealers to help you win. You may not realise it, but casino dealer rotation is a method used to maintain the house’s lead over the game. This tactic is particularly visible in blackjack dealers, who are directly related to the house’s winnings. Casinos rotate croupiers and dealers on a regular basis to avoid collusion between dealer and player or a dealer ‘changing’ the game in some way. Some casino games, particularly baccarat and blackjack, are more prone to this type of deception than others.

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